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Every Freemason works on the rough ashlar, which symbolises his own imperfection. The members of the fraternity question themselves critically in their daily lives. The beneficial influence of Freemasonry should unfold over the behaviour of the individual in society - unlike in the novels that invent entertaining conspiracies. Work on the rough ashlar can be more exciting than any thriller, because every Freemason works on his personal building block for the most important construction in the world, the Temple of Humanity. Like the stone masons in the lodges in the Middle Ages, Freemasons wear aprons during their work in the temple. The craftsmanship of the stone masons will be on display on the Hamburg Gänsemarkt. That is where a new fountain will be built for St. Michael’s Church, which the Masonic lodges will donate to the Hamburg landmark.

Open Air Exhibition ‟Work on the Rough Ashlar"

Masons will build a fountain for Hamburg’s Michel in a historical lodge on the Gänsemarkt.

24. – 27. September 2012