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Dear Hamburg visitors, dear fellow citizens!


There have been Freemasons in Germany for 275 years. The first German Loge was founded in 1737 in Hamburg. The Masonic Lodge "Absalom zu den drei Nesseln" has the Lodge Number 1. For this reason, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will become a meeting point for Freemasons from all over the world in September 2012. They will celebrate their hundreds of years of work on the rough ashlar for more humanity.


What Do Freemasons Do?


Freemasons have composed and have written the lyrics of the German national anthem and had a profound effect in establishing the democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. They promote the peaceful coexistence and tolerance of different cultures and ideologies. Freemasons get involved with for people in need and support the sustainable use of nature. They establish foundations, oppose dictators, and advocate human rights all over the globe. Usually they do these things without using the banner of "Freemasonry."


"Know thyself!"


Almost all Freemasons are not famous. Not nearly as prominent and influential as the composer Joseph Haydn, for example, or the poets Goethe or Lessing, or Carl von Ossietzky, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who was persecuted by the Nazi regime. Maybe your neighbour or your boss is a Freemason and you are not even aware of it. In the end, a Freemason is just a human being like any other with his own shortcomings. That is why Freemasons work first and foremost on themselves and the nobleness of their hearts. Their maxim is: "Know thyself!"


Arcane Rituals in the Spirit of Humanity


Freemasons emphasise their ritual ceremonies, which are conducted like a play with assigned roles. "The Great Architect of the Universe", who is called upon during the ceremony, stands for a higher authority which is respected regardless of religious conceptions. This concept is so universal that all creeds are accepted. According to the ideal of the Enlightenment, a Freemason allows those around him enough space to develop their personalities.


You can experience and explore what Freemasons do, what social and cultural commitment means for the lodges, and what constitutes the mystery in this Brotherhood in exhibitions and public places beginning in September 2012.

We would be pleased if your path led you to the 275th anniversary of Freemasons in Germany in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and look forward to your sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas about more humanity with us.


Sincerely yours,

The Freemasons in Germany